Wall Formwork ( Huennebeck props )

Wall Formwork
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Number 9900
Year 2000
Condition Used

Choose Produce: Huennebeck

Condition: Lorem ipsum

Description: Poste (1300 st.) stützen DB260/D250, gebraucht, verzinkt, in gutem Zustand. Nur Anfrage mit Firma datei bekommen Antwort. Parcel (1300 pcs) props DB260/D250, used, galvanised, in good condition. Only requests with company-details will be answered.


A.J. Vuisje

Address: Meerkoet 431

International dialling code: +33

Company: VU-RO Bouwmaterieel

Telephone: +31 20 698 1900

Fax: +31 20 698 1902

Mobile Number: +31 653 180 295

Email: vuro@vuro.nl

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